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Adding an Image to your Donation Campaign

CTCT Employee

Now that you have decided to use a Donation Campaign, make it your own by using one of your images.  When you are creating your Donation Campaign in the first step all you have to do is click Change next to the default image.  If you are editing your Campaign after already creating it, click to Edit the Landing Page, and you will see Change like mentioned previously.  This is what it will look like:  


Once you click Change, your Library will display.  You can then select an image from here, or choose an Image URL to use instead. 


Keep in mind that the recommended image size is 700 pixels wide by 350 pixels high.  This image size will work the best for your Donation Page.  This image will also display in the email that gets sent out to your contacts as well. 

Once you’ve added your image and updated your description your Donation Campaign is ready to launch! 

Have you used our Donation Campaign?  Share your results here, what worked, what didn’t, and any lessons that you learned. 


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.