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Adding an existing contact to a list

Occasional Advisor

You might ask, why would a contact not be on a list? Here is an example: Patriot Place has a sign up sheet at the check out counter of each of the retail stores that are present at the outlet. At the end of each day you collect the spreadsheets from each store and enter the information into your Constant Contact account. While entering the information you find that some people did not include their email address, just their phone number. You decide you will reach out to them at a later time, but for now will just enter their contact information into your account until you gather their email address, then select a list to include them on.


The first step would be to locate the contact.  Here are the steps to see all contacts who are currently not on a list:


  1. Click on “Contacts”  in the toolbar on the left side of your account.
    Account Screen.png

  2. Click in the search box where it says ”Search Contacts”, and enter either the contact’s First or Last name. (Note: If it says “Search Lists”, you must first click on  “Contacts” directly underneath the search box. This will make sure the search takes place in your Contacts and not your Lists).
    search Contacts.png
  3. The first contact you search for being Tom Brady.  You could pull up this contact by searching either his first name, his last name or both together.
    Search Contact First Name.png       Search Contact Last Name.png

  4. To add the contact to a list, simply click the checkbox next to the contact’s name, then click “Add to Email Lists

    Add to Email List.png

  5. Finally, select the list(s) you want to add the contact to, then click “Apply”. (Note: If you receive the following message, you must click “cancel”, go back and indicate you have permission to email them before you put them into a list).

    Mange Email Lists Message.png
    Click to learn how to indicate you have permission to email a contact!

Bonus Tip: You can always verify what list a contact is on by clicking on the name of the contact! List Contact is on.png

Any questions? Let us know!


I started with Constant Contact back in October of 2006, have wore many different hats with the company, gaining knowledge in a variety of Constant Contact departments.