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Autoresponder Recipients


We hear this question all the time, “Who is going to get my Autoresponder emails?”


Well, the quick answer is that anyone on the lists you have selected will get the emails.


When you are scheduling your series or emails to send you can choose any lists to have the email sent to. As new people join or are added to the list they will be sent the series. The date that the Autoresponder’s state is “ON” will be the cut off point for new customers. The new customers have to be added after the Autoresponder is turned on or they will not be considered new.


Here is an example:

Half Moon Yoga has one series of Autoresponder Emails set up.  This series consists of 5 emails on the following schedule.


Email 1 (Welcome!) : Day 2

Email 2 (YOGA FAQ): Day 5

Email 3 (Coupon for Class): Day 7

Email 4 (Yoga tips): Day 14

Email 5 (Yoga Benefits): Day 45


The list that is assigned to this series is the list that new customers are joining when they sign up on the website.Sally signs up for Half Moon Yoga’s list on Sunday after looking to take a new Yoga class.  On Tuesday, she receives the first AR email, Email 1. She will receive Email 2 on Friday, and Email 3 on Sunday. After hearing about Sally’s great experience with Half Moon, Patrick signs up for their mailing list on Tuesday. He gets Email 1 on Thursday, and will get Email 2 on Sunday!


Since there were employees of Half Moon already in the list that the Autoresponders were assigned to, they don’t get any of these new emails because these aren’t considered new email addresses.  For example, yoga instructor David has worked at Half Moon for 3 years. He won’t get any of these Autoresponder Emails.


Any questions, let us know!


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Honored Contributor

What controls the time the Auto responders are sent?


Hi Tony,

At this time the exact time-of-day is automatically controlled internally. The Autoresponder will send within a 24-hour window of when it is scheduled. For example, if you have an Autoresponder set to send 1 day after a contact is added, the Autoresponder email will send 24-48 hours after the contact is added to the list. 


Thanks for asking!