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Can I download a copy of my contacts to my Computer?

CTCT Employee

Keeping a backup file of your contacts on your computer is never a bad idea!  Whether you want them there as a safety measure or to use them to update any internal databases, we have you covered!  When exporting your contacts you can Download the file as a CSV or as an Excel File.  


To export your contacts click to select the contacts, the in the dark gray bar choose export.



A new window will pop up asking you what to include in the export, select the information you need and click Export Contacts.  The export may take a few minutes to complete, the general rule is the larger the number of contacts or items per contact being exported can extend the time it takes for the file to become available. 




Under the Activity tab you will then choose Download Excel or Download CSV next to the Export Activity.  This will then either open a window asking you what to do with the file, or perform your default action that you have set (open with a program or save to a destination folder).  




That's it!  Pretty easy, right?  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.  


If these screenshots or directions look different than your account, take a look at our Standalone Product Boards.  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.