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Featured Webinars


Wednesday, October 12th

Improve your Fundraiser in 5 Steps  11am

The experts from BiddingForGood and Constant Contact appreciate your challenge and want to help you get the most out of your next fundraiser.



Creating Marketing Emails  4pm

Quickly learn guidelines and tips on email design, writing effective copy, and creating effective calls-to-action for the right audience. Once you learn about what to do, watch these best practices put to work.

Thursday, October 13th

The Power of Social Media,SEO, and Email 4pm

Learn about the basics of what tools make up Social Media (Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, digg, flickr,, YouTube, etc) and how small business and non profits are using them to make connections and grow their networks.

Friday, October 14th

Subject Line Design  11am

Learn how to create an effective subject line that will set you apart and increase your open rates.


Recurring Webinars

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