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Collect Badge Information for your Event Campaign

CTCT Employee

Does your event require attendees to wear badges?  You can get Badge information right on your Registration form!  To add this section, when editing your Registration form go to Badge Information and check off the Badge Name field and add any custom Questions or text blocks that you would like.  Here's what it looks like: 



Once your contacts fill out their Badge Information you can then choose to Export this information into an Excel sheet or use our option to "Print Name Badges" through a partnership with  Once you click to Print Name Badges you are taken to their site through a pop-up (so make sure those are enabled!) and all of your registrant's information is passed to Avery.  You can then choose how you would like to print out the badges on their site.  


Have any questions?  Let us know.  


If you used the Avery Print Badges feature, let us know how you like it, what badge option worked for you, and any tips or tricks that you learned! 


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Occasional Advisor
Thanks for the advice Sam - when I click on the Avery badge link to set up/test - the link is 'dead - ie I am not taken anywhere - including not going to Avery

Hi @DebbieVG. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue. I went to your most recent event in your account and I was able to connect with Avery to print out badges. Were you able to successfully connect with this page since posting here? You also might want to try a different browser as well. 

New Member

When I click print name badges, it takes me directly to Avery and I can view all the Avery product choices, but dont see my contact info imported.


Any ideas or suggestions?

CTCT Employee

Hi @LiveAgain


Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. It's my pleasure to assist you today.


I'm sorry that you are having trouble printing your name badges. I believe what is likely happening is that the Badge Information section isn't completed on the Registration form. You can follow these steps to ensure that. Once you click the Print Avery Name Badges link, it will direct you to the page of their products where you will select the product you are using to print the badges. Once you have selected that, it will direct you to the rest of the steps to print the badges. Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with. 


Thank you for choosing Constant Contact. Have a great day!