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Community Member of the Month

Honored Contributor

This past month's Community Member of the Month is CorpColl, aka Jeanne W..  CorpColl has been with us in the Community since 2010 and has posts that have been viewed over 500 times!  She is always willing to offer a helpful point to help out all of us here in the Community.


Thanks so much for all that you do! We hope to see you around the boards for years to come!


How can I be Community Member of the Month? Keep engaging and helping each other!


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Thank you so much Marissa! I believe in these type of community forums. When we all help each other, we are all lifted up together. There is so much benefit to the forums and it generates a vast amount of reference material and guides for members. I congratulate all the great community members out there who are helping others, you certainly have helped me. Thank you!