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Community Member of the Week

Honored Contributor

 This week's Community Member of the Week is Plustar!  Terry has been a member of the Community for some time now.  She took a little leave of absence but we are happy to have her back!  Whenever Terry has difficulty in the product, she is very helpful with us troubleshooting to ensure that she can be successful with us.  She also has some great advice in the Critique My Campaign Board.



Thank you Plustar for your help here in the Community!  You will be receiving a copy of Gail Goodman’s new Book “Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Succeeds in a Socially Connected World”.


*We’re really excited to introduce our Community Member of the Month program! We’ll be highlighting weekly members of contributions over the past few months. How can I be Community Member of the Month? Keep engaging and helping each other!


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Thanks very much!  Plustar has been publishing newsletters using Constant Contact since November of 2009.  I very much appreciate the assistance I get when I run into issues. The Constant Contact Community is excellent.


Looking forward to the book,