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Community Member of the Week

Honored Contributor

This week’s Community Member of the Week is DSCU.  If you can believe it, I don’t even know their first name. J  But that doesn’t stop them from being super helpful in the Community!  Awhile ago we had some difficulty with SPAMCop delivering our emails.  DSCU was right on top of it. They continue to update the SPAMCOP posting with how we’re doing and if we have any IP addresses listed as blocked.  This is something that many of our customers might not realize can happen and his willingness to find information for you Community Members is amazing!


Thank you for all you do, DSCU.  You will be receiving a copy of Gail Goodman’s new Book “Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Succeeds in a Socially Connected World”.


*We’re really excited to introduce our Community Member of the Month program! We’ll be highlighting weekly members of contributions over the past few months. How can I be Community Member of the Month? Keep engaging and helping each other!


Occasional Advisor

Thanks, Marissa! I'll go ahead and step out of the shadows. My name is David Topping and I'm the Computer Systems Manager for the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. We have two CC accounts, as we send out some things that can be HTML and pretty, but have a set of "targeted" special purpose lists that we want to send out only in plain text mode, and you can't easily toggle people back and forth so two accounts is better. We also have "Partner" status, so that we can refer and assist our local churches with CC accounts.


I also have two other CC accounts that I have purchased and manage for the Arizona Bach Festival and the Arizona Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association. I'm not just an "IT guy," but rather a choir director and professional singer. I sing in the Grammy-winning Phoenix Chorale (they also use Constant Contact!).


A long time ago (in Internet years), I was an active spam fighter, so I'm a member of the SpamCop system, and so when CC started having increasing problems with being blocked, I jumped in and tried to help, both by reporting the problem, and by communicating with other users here in the community about the issue. Some of that communication has been with myself, in that I wear so many different "hats" that I have more than one login identity.


I'm a very happy user, having tried about half a dozen other email service providers before choosing Constant Contact, and will continue trying to help however I can.



David T (aka "DSCU" and "DTinAZ" and "DavidT887")

Trusted Contributor

Thanks for participating here. It's our goal to connect customers and resources here - the ideal situtation is for us to provide the platform for you to engage and only come in from time to time... here's hoping! Thank you for giving great insights to the community members here, even on some of our toughest posts.