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Community User Guidelines

by Administrator on ‎01-25-2017 01:38 PM

Hello, Fellow Community Members!  


Today I am excited to announce that we have some brand new (& shiny!) user guidelines for the Community. We wanted to take the legal words from our Terms and Conditions and put them into something easy to read and digest. We also added in some things that you won't see specifically laid out in the T&C, like the "be respectful" rule. 


I encourage you all to take a look, there's even a TL;DR section (Too long, didn't read just in case you weren't sure what that meant). 


If you have any questions or feedback about these new guidelines, please feel free to comment below. If you would prefer to keep your comments private, you can always email our team at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. 


Hello, my name is Samantha and I started working at Constant Contact in September of 2011 as a Customer Engagement Specialist assisting customers via phone, chat and email. I started on the Community and Social Media Support team in March of 2014. I am now an Administrator within the Community. Outside of work I am mostly spending time hanging out with my pets (1 dog and 2 cats), binge watching shows, or reading. I am always interested in learning more about our customers, how others use the Community and how we can help to make the Community better for our members.