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Contact Bounce Information


We heard your feedback about the engagement area of a contact not being helpful, specifically when a contact was bouncing. We took your ideas and implemented a change.

SA bounce.png


With a contact detail you will no longer see that the email “wasn’t delivered” and instead will see that the contact bounced, and the reason why.  In the example above you can see the Dean was sent an email on 8/14/2014 and bounces as non-existent. This indicates the email address I sent to may be out of date, spelled wrong or no longer exist.  Here’s a breakdown of the other bounce types.


Undeliverable- Similar to a busy signal, for some reason the email can’t get through. Don’t worry, we will keep trying for three days.


Blocked- This indicates that the ISP has decided not to deliver the email. It could be because it thought the email was spam or be a company setting on emails.


Mailbox full- Self-explanatory, the mailbox is just too full to get your email!


Vacation/Auto Reply- This is a different type of bounce since the email actually was delivered. In this case, the recipient has a message set to send out indicating that they are out of the office for a bit.


Other- Sometimes the ISP doesn’t give us the details about why an email bounces. We suggest getting in touch with the contact in this case to see if they have any ideas.


Want more information on each bounce type? Check out this FAQ!





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