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Contacts Growth Reports

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Within the Contacts section of your account you can see your Contact Growth.  To get to this under the Contacts section, just click Reports along the top.  


In your Growth Report you will see the overall growth for the past 30 days, but you can change this to show the last 60 or 90 days, the month to date or the year to date!  Depending on what features you are using to Grow your List, you will also see the Growth by Source report.  This will show you numbers for each of the sources, as long as you are using the source.  If you want to find out more information about a particular source, maybe Text to Join or Scan to Join, just click on that Source and you will be taken to where you can find more information and even get started with that particular source.  




How are you using your Growth reports?  Have you seen trends in your reporting?  


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What is the point of measuring the overall "growth" of emails added into your account, when the report doesn't take into account how many have unsubscribed? My report shows that my list has "grown" to over 9,000 emails - but only 6,000 or so are Active Contacts. It's not really "growth" if people are unsubscribing at a faster rate than they're subscribing, is it? How about a growth report that actually shows growth of active contacts? 

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Hi, is there anyway to get more than just a year's history? I'd like to see the growth history for the last few years. Is that possible? Can I make a custom report on this somewhere?




Hello shaithis,


We do not have the ability to view contact growth for more than a year. We are collecting feedback on creating more customization options for the contact growth feature and I can track this on your account for our developers to see if you want to email us your username. We can be reached at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Please include a reference to this post along with your username and we will make sure your feedback is seen.


It's possible you could export all of your contacts and make sure to check the "Created at Date/Time" option. Then in a spreadsheet you could organize them by the date created and pick two points and compare how many contacts have been added in that time. The option you would want to check would look like this: