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Contacts subfolders display


Have you noticed the subfolders within your Contacts page? These folders will display for you to use to navigate your account.  Just a note, the unsubscribed folder will display for you even if it’s empty. We know this previously was confusing!




These are contacts you can email and the contacts that count toward your billing. This list excludes company contacts we create for you. This list of contacts includes contacts who have an email address and who have given you permission to email them, contacts who previously unsubscribed but have since re-signed up and contacts that bounces but have not yet been removed from your account.



This list includes the contacts that are not active. They don’t count toward your billing so we recommend keeping this list as a reference. These contacts could have opted out of your previous emails or could be contacts you selected to unsubscribe. If you have a contact here who would like to get your emails again, please ask them to resubscribe.


Awaiting Confirmation:

These contacts are contacts that have not yet responded to your confirmed opt-in email.


No Permissions set:

These contacts are in your account with email addresses but you don’t have permission to email them.


Use these folders to manage or view your contacts!





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