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Create a Master Template


Have you created an email that you really like? Have you considered saving it in your account as a “Master Template”? This could be an email with your logo, colors and links to social sites all set for you to plug content into when you are ready to send an email.


To create a Master Template:

  1. Create a new email and select a template with a layout that best suits your content. Remember, you can update the colors and images to fit your style.
  2. Name the email something like “MASTER TEMPLATE” so you can easily find it.
  3. Edit and change the template colors to match your organizations logo or website.
  4. Add your logo to the top of the email.
  5. Link to your website from your logo image
  6. Add social media icons and link them to your organizations profile!

mastertemplate.png7. Preview and save the email as a draft.


Now you can use this template for future emails! We suggest putting the template into a folder to find it easily.



  • Always make a copy. Never send your master template to your contacts directly. Instead, make a copy so that you can just plug in the content without deleting first.
  • Remember to update your master template with any branding changes.


Share your favorite template design in our Critique My Campaign board for some fresh ideas!


Updated on 8/24/16


Hi I'm Hannah! I started at Constant Contact in April 2011 as a Customer Support Rep answering calls, chats and emails. I moved to the Social Media team full time in October 2012. I also work with the @ctcthelp twitter handle, follow me there!