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Custom Event Reports


One of Event’s newest features is the ability to create custom reporting! When you are viewing your Event dashboard you will need to click the “Reporting” tab and then “Export Report”.



Choose “Custom Report”.  The next page is where you choose the information you want to include in your export.  You can include Personal information, like address or custom questions, information from the guests, payment information and more!


Use the filers to determine what data is included in your export. Filter by date, payment status and registration status.  In this example I’m creating a custom report to see who I need to process a refund for. I’ve included the registrant’s mailing information, the guests they may have registered and the fees they paid.


When you have set the report to include the information you want just click the gold “Export Custom Report” button. You will be directed back to the dashboard. Once the report is complete it will show under “Detailed Event Reports” for you to download.



How do you use custom reports to manage your events?


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