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Data Reveals Direct Correlation Between Click-Through Rates and Number of Images and Text Lines

CTCT Employee

The Constant Contact team took a look at over 2 million customer emails to see if there was any correlation between the effectiveness of a campaign and the amount of images and text.  It was decided that the rate of "effectiveness" would be determined by click-throughs for an email.  By using this reporting number, we took into account the engagement of users beyond just opening an email, since they took the action to click on at least one link in the campaign.  Emails were chosen from a specific time period that ranged about 3 months and were sent to over 100 contacts.  

The results showed some interesting information. Here is an overview: 


  • Emails with 3 or fewer images and about 20 lines of text had the highest click through rate.  There were some industry-specific exceptions though, see below.   
  • Associations, religious organizations, product and service companies, restaurants and more saw a difference in the number of images versus text. For more information on the specific deviations per industry, take a look at our press release.  

Here is how the data looks graphically:  




To get more information, take a look at the full press release.  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.