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Delete or Edit a List


Overtime you may need to edit the name of your lists or even delete some of your lists. This can be done by clicking “Contacts” on the left of your page.


To Edit:

Find the list name you want to edit and hover over the list name. Using the down arrow choose “Rename”. In the overlay window type the new list name and click “Rename”!


To Delete:

Before you delete:

  • Remember you are required to have at least one list in your account.
  • If you delete contacts you can always re-add them but now is the time to export a copy of your list if you will need it for reference in the future.
  • When you delete you will be asked if you want to delete just the list or the list and then contacts.  If you delete contacts that are not on any other list they will be deleted too.
  • None of your existing reporting information will be changed when you delete.

1. Login to Constant Contact.
2. Click “Contacts”
3. On the left find the “Lists” section and the list you want to delete.
4. Hover over the list you want to delete
5. Click the down arrow icon.

6. Select delete from the menu
7. Confirm you choice on the overlay window.

    Delete the list only will remove just the list but leave the contacts in your account.

    Delete the list and contacts will also remove contacts that are not on any other list.


That’s it!



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