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Early & Late Fees for Your Event

Honored Contributor

A great way to create urgency for your event is to use different price points depending upon when someone registers. When using our Event Registration product, you can set this up very easily. People enjoy incentives so by letting them know that they have a limited time to sign up, they’ll more than likely jump at the occasion. Read on below where I’ll show you step by step how to set up Early Fees and Late Fees.


Adding and editing fees are located in the Settings section for your Event Registration:


Event Settings.png


You can set this up while you’re creating your Event, but if you are doing it after the initial setup, you will want to click the blue Edit button to the right.


  • Under Fees and Items, you want to say Yes, there’s a fee
  • Select the radio button for Multiple fees, hidden fees, or fees that require an access code
  • That will open the following table to fill out:


Event Fees.png


  • Fill out the Label section for what each fee will be named. For my example I said Conference & Dinner and the other is Conference.
  • Enter the main fee. For my example, I’m setting it to be $199 for the Conference & Dinner; Conference is just $150.
  • Click on the calendar icon next to Early fee
  • On the calendar overlay, choose the date that the early fee will be valid until. This means from when the event is published until this date.
  • The system will automatically populate with your regular Fee.  Change this to the discounted rate for this Early Fee period.
  • Do the same for the Late fee. (The only difference is for this one you choose the date for when this Late fee begins.)


Event Fees_ Conference.png


  • You can also choose to use the Hidden access code option for these as well.
  • Make sure you go through all the steps and add all the fees you wish to have for your Event.
  • Click Finish at the bottom of the page and continue modifying or making your Event live.


And that’s it! Super easy to set up Early and Late Fees.


Log into your account now to set up your fees!

Any questions, let us know!