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Edit your Landing Page

CTCT Employee

Did you know that you can link your registrants to a Landing Page on your event? When you send out an invite there are three links available to you: “Get More Information” “Register Now” and “I Can’t Make It”. If you’d like your registrants to see more in depth information about your event, by clicking on “Get More Information” they will be taken to your “Landing Page”.



After creating your registration form, you’ll see this page where you can click to start creating your landing page.




Once you pick your theme you will be able to edit each individual section by clicking on the pencil for each block.


On the landing page you will also have the option to put a company logo. The process of inserting an image into the landing page is a little different than the process to insert one using the Email Marketing tools.


First you’ll want to press the pencil for that section. Once you are in the block you can right click (Command + Click for Mac) the place holder image and choose “Insert/edit image”




This will bring up your image library where you can then choose your logo and press “Insert”. After inserting your logo, make sure you save the block. After you’ve customized your landing page to your heart’s content, go ahead and hit “Finish” in the top left




After you’ve hit “Finish” you can go ahead and make your event live. Keep in mind that you must have “Event Landing Page” checked in order to display the landing page.




Now your event is live and equipped with a beautiful landing page. Now you need to take it to the next level and send out an Event Invite.


Let us know if you have any questions!


Hi everyone. My name is Melissa and I started working at Constant Contact in 2012. I am currently interning with the Community and Social Support team. I am all about going out of my way for customers and I hope that I can pass some of my knowledge about Constant Contact to you. :)

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The "get more information" and "I can't make it" links are not showing up on our event. How can we fix this? 

Honored Contributor

Hi @RachelM775


I'm sorry to hear that you're not seeing that text within your event. Where is this information not displaying? On the Event Invitation? Also, which of your events are you referring to within your account? I see a few are still in draft mode.


Thanks in advance!

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It's not showing up anywhere. It's the one titled "

Happy Hour GB Harrisburg"

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Hi @RachelM775


Thanks for clarifying for me! Those links will display in the Invitation you can send your contacts within your Constant Contact account.


The "Get More Information" link will direct them to the Landing Page, while "I can not make it" will allow them to decline the Event.


Once your event is live and registration is open, try creating an invitation and you will see those links right in the invitation.


I hope that helps!