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Editing Colors & Fonts for your Entire Campaign

CTCT Employee

Have you wanted to change all of the colors in your campaign at once?  Or maybe change the font?   Did you know we have a Colors & Fonts section for you to edit just those parts of your campaign? 


All you have to do is look to the left when you are editing your campaign.  You will see the Colors & Fonts section.  It’s that easy! Please note: If you are editing a block you will see a different menu, so hit Save first.  Also, not all of the templates are the same, so some might have different sections that are editable than others. 


Let’s go over the colors first.  You will see Backgrounds as the first thing in the colors & fonts menu.  To edit the Color, click on the block of color and a color picker will appear for you.  You can always choose More Colors to get a wider range.  This is what it will look like: 




For Fonts, you can choose the Font Type, Size and the color.  You can edit the font type and size through the drop downs, and to edit the color it is the same as mentioned above. Click on the color block to change. 




You might also see borders as a section to edit the different borders throughout the email.  Here’s what that will look like: 




Remember to click Save to save the changes you have made!  That was pretty easy, right? 


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.