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Engaging Customers with Social Share

CTCT Employee

Engaging customers with Social Share

Every day I speak with customers about the importance of using social media to spread their message. Social share helps promote your campaign on social media in an easy automated way. Let’s go over a couple of top questions about Social Share: The first question I get often is “What should I write in the post?” That is both an easy and hard question.

Easy because you want it to describe your campaign.

Hard because you want to entice your followers to view your campaign.

To help you I have created a list with some examples to get you started! This will help you decide what to put in your post and how many posts you should create!


Social Media Post Ideas


•    Warning! If you share this your friends will LIKE you more!!!
•    Would love to meet you at my show (name, date, time)! My fans are the best
•    Can you help? Become a volunteer for (name of organization)
•    Psst... Don't forget to share this great deal with all your friends and followers!!!
•    Like my post for (option A) share my post for (option !
•    Want to know more about (insert campaign topic)? We have all the information you need!
•    Today in history... (Business name) posted an epic campaign!!!
•    Tell a riddle... Put the answer in the campaign.
•    A sneak peek of some fabulous deals. Share with those you love!
•    We are X amount way from ($$ Goal Amount). Share with your friends to help us hit our goal.


Social Media Suggestions


•    Use Hashtags! #GetNoticed #Searchable
•    Always use an interesting image


The second question, “How often should I post?” This depends on your message and the timeliness of the campaign, for example you might be promoting a sale. It is a great practice to post multiple times after you send the campaign. When you select “Create a Schedule for me” we will give you 3 days spaced out. You are welcome to add or remove posts based on how often you would like to promote your campaign.


We also have a great infographic that shows how often you should post to social media based on the social media site you are using. Check out What and How Often Should You Post on Social Media?




Hello, My name is Anna and I have been with Constant Contact since October 2011. I love working with small business owners! I love writing little tips and tricks about how to use our products to engage with your customers. Outside of work I love hiking and exploring what Colorado has to offer.