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Event Emails: Non-responders and registrants

CTCT Employee

Did you know that when you are running an Event Promotion or Registration campaign that there are multiple types of campaigns that you can send?  Besides your basic invitations to let everyone know about the event there are 2 other major kinds of emails that you can send; you can email non-responders and your registrants!  


So let's go over why you might want to send an email to these 2 groups of people.  To non-responders you might want to send reminder emails about registering, letting them know that time or space for your event is running outand to try to engage with them to participate with your event.  To registrants you might want to send reminder emails about the upcoming event or if last minute details change or are decided after registration was open you can let the people who have already registered know the changes.  


Now on to how you can send these emails.  When you are on your Event Dashboard below the circle showing the number of registrants you will see the number of emails.  If you click on this it will allow you to go to the page to create your new emails.  




On the top right you can choose Non-responders or Registrants, it's that easy!  Now, even better your next step allows you to copy an email underneath the event already.  So if you put time into your original invite, you can use the same layout and just change the content!  




How do you use these emails?  Do you use them for specific communication?  


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