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Event Fees: How to determine who will pay which fee

CTCT Employee

You’re creating an event and you reach the point where it’s time to determine what fees will be set for your registrants.  In the Event Registration Campaigns, we allow you to charge one flat fee or charge multiple different fees within your event.


Whether you’re allowing just registrants to sign up or additional guests as well, you can charge one flat fee for everyone:




But what if you want guests to pay a different fee than the registrant? No problem.  This is where Multiple Fees will work for you.























For every fee you create in your event, you have the option to apply it differently. You can set a fee for Everyone, Guests or Registrants. That way if you want Guests to pay a lower fee or no fee at all, you can adjust the price under Fee and apply it to only the Guests while charging your Registrants a different amount.




If you have any additional questions, please let us know!


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Is there any way to use lists or tags to determine which fee to offer?    For example, could we offer a Members-only rate only to contacts in a Members list (or tagged as Members? ) 


Hello Anne. You can create an access code for your members with a special members-only rate and send a different invitation to your Members list with the access code in it. 

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Thanks, Caitlin. That's the method that we're using currently.   We run into issues where members don't enter the code and then ask for refunds, so it would save some confusion if we were able to handle that verification behind the scenes.  The "Applies to" pull-down looked like it might be a match for that functionality - but it sounds like it's probably more of a feature request at this point. 

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How do I pass along the fee's to the customer so that I receive the full amount and the customer gets charged the additional couple of dollars to use the online service?


Hi @MaggieP271


I apologize for any inconvenience caused from these fees you are receiving. However Constant Contact is not the company who collect fees. Instead these fees are charged by WePAY and PayPal. If you have any further questions about these charges, I would suggest reaching out directly to the payment company you are using.