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Event Planning & Feedback Surveys to Send For Your Event

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The guests have gone home and so have you. The donations have been tallied and the food has been put away. The decorations have gone back to the distributor or have been put away in the storage closet for your next event. You are now ready to relax and celebrate this victory of a successful event. But wait, you’re not done yet. Even though word of mouth has told you how your guests have had a great time and how everything turned out beautiful, you need this on paper. Or in this case, in your Constant Contact account. But where do you start?


With a Survey!  Yes, you can create a Survey from scratch but with our templates we can help you get back to relaxing as soon as possible. Within your account, you can access 8 templates under the category Event Planning & Feedback.  The topics range from planning, participation, and satisfaction. Did you run a Seminar for your Event? Don’t worry we have Seminar templates as well as Training.  Here are the steps to get to these Surveys and get them sent out!


  • Log into your Constant Contact account
  • Click on Campaigns on the left
  • Click on Create
  • Choose the Survey option
  • Name your Survey for internal records within your account
  • Choose a customizable survey template that includes sample questions
  • On the left choose the option Event Planning & Feedback (8)*
  • Click View Sample to the right of the template to view a preview
    You will see that you can customize the questions as well but this will give you a good starting point!
  • Choose the one you want and click Next
  • Edit the questions and text as needed, adding more and deleting some
  • When you are finished click Save & Continue
  • Choose if you want people to go straight to the questions or go to a greeting message page first
  • Click Save & Continue
  • Set up the Closing Page – take them to a website or to a closing message
  • Add your logo or an image and edit the closing message if you choose that option
  • Include View Survey Results link if you’d like them to see that information
  • Click Save & Continue
  • Now you can Test the survey or go ahead and Publish
  • Don’t forget to choose if you want to Allow multiple responses from same computer

*At time of posting there were 8 templates available


And that’s it! If you’re just starting your Event Process you can use the Planning templates to find out what people are interested in and what days they’re available!


Get logged into your account now and get started on your Event Planning & Feedback Survey today!


If you have any questions let us know!


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Once you've created a custom survey template that you want to use for post-event feedback for all of your EventSpot events, how do you send one only to those people who actually attended an event?


I don't see a way to create an Invitation for a survey I've created and then send it to an attendee list from one of my Events. Instead, you have to choose an email List to send a Survey Invitation. And there is no way from the Event attendee list after an event to create a List from only those who attended the event.


That seems like a rather obvious feature request, no?

CTCT Employee



At this time you can export your registrant information to an excel file and then import this information to a new Email List,


Whether or not the registrant attended, you could still utilize the Survey feature called Skip Logic where the first questions could be something like "Did you attend this event?". If they answer Yes, they can move on to the other questions of your Survey. If they answered No, it could drop them down to just one question of "Why did you not attend?" for example. 


Once you have created the Survey, you can then create a Survey Invitation within the product and schedule it to go out to your recently imported event registrant list. 


Please let us know if you have any questions about this process, we would be happy to help!

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You guys advertise this as an embedded feature in Constant Contact, which is a half truth because you have to go back into the survey module and export and import contacts as you described.  This is a huge pain!Event_Management_Software___Constant_Contact.jpg


Hi @AngieM4 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I understand how important it is to contact your attendants as easily as possible. Our Event Campaigns do have the option of sending an email to attendees once an event has passed. I apologize there is no embedded survey feature in these emails. You do however have the option in our Third Generation Editor to embed a poll. Have you tried this workaround instead of a Survey Campaign?