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Exciting changes coming to the Community!

Honored Contributor

We are happy to announce that the Community is going responsive!  This has been a feature that's been requested on and off over the past couple of years and we are excited to bring this to our Community members. 


With this work, the Community will need to be taken offline for a short period of time on March 29th. During this time you will land on a maintenance page instead of coming to the Community. You can reach support during this time by reaching out over the phone, chat or on Twitter - @CTCTHelp. 




If you have any questions about this, we welcome you to post a comment below. Make sure to come back on the 30th to see the updates!  


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.

Occasional Contributor

 Once again, you demonstrate that there is a big difference between your claims and reality! What does the word "responsive" mean? You give no description of what changes have been made, and as near as I can tell, looking at the site, they're nothing but cosmetic. How is this more responsive? There's no update on any of the things you've designated "Certified Great Idea." You have one idea in the Email Campaign section that's designated "Coming Soon," and it's been "Coming Soon" since January. Understandably, someone posted there, "Any idea when?" and three weeks later there's no answer from Constant Contact. RESPONSIVE? NOT!  

Honored Contributor

Hello @DougS873


Thank you for posting a comment on our blog article. I am sorry if our mention of the site going responsive was confusing.  This article was referencing that the Community is now mobile responsive, so the site will adjust based off of the screen size you are using. It is a pretty big change that we are excited about on the Community team. 


In regards to your other comments, you are talking about our Feedback boards where the interaction style is a little different than within our forums. For more information on how the feedback area  (and all other areas of the Community) work, I would recommend taking a look at our Guidelines posted here. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to reach out.