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Exporting Your Reports

Honored Contributor

Now that you’ve sent a campaign, published a survey, and/or ran your Event, you may want to know what the available reporting is and how to export it. All of these reports can be found under Reporting on the left hand menu.

Reporting button.jpg


From this section, you can see all of your campaigns, how many active contacts you have, and then further down you can see each individual campaign to delve right into the reporting.


Card/Announcement Email Reporting


Click on the name of your email

This opens up the Email Stats page.

 Email Stats Reporting.jpg

Any number that is blue can be clicked on and will take you to the exportable report page

When on that specific page, you can click the Export button at the top

export button.JPG

You can do this for each of the reports you wish to export and will see this banner when you click Export


export status.JPG


If you don’t click that link, you can still click on “Contacts” > “Activity” to get to your exports

Just click Download Export File to open/save to your computer


Download Export.jpg


Event Promotion & Registration*


Click on the name of your Event Promotion & Registration

This opens by default to the Dashboard. Just click the tab for Reporting

Choose the dropdown for the report you’d like:


Event Report Options.JPG


Once you select, the report will process and then you can click “Download” to open/save to your computer. For Custom Report, you choose the content to be exported.


Event Download Reports.jpg




Click on the name of your Survey

On the right, choose to View results: Overall or Individual under “Track Your Survey Results”


Track Survey Results.jpg


Export Overall Results gives you a drop down to choose how you want to see your results


exporting survey overall.jpg


Export individual doesn’t give you an option to choose from


export survey individual.jpg


These will open directly with an overlay for you to open/save on your computer


Any questions, let us know!


Note: *Plus Campaigns


To read more, check out these helpful FAQs.


Export Newsletters and Announcements Campaign Reports

Export Survey Results

View and Download Events & Registrations Reports

Custom Reporting for Event Campaigns


Is there a way to get a printout of my bounces? Thanks for your help.

Hi Mary,

In order to print your bounces you will want to export them first! To do this, view your bounces and use the "Export" button in the upper right of the page. 

8-4-2014 10-52-25 AM.jpg

Established Member

Is there a way to export a full report in regards to all campaigns within a timeframe? Meaning one large report that we can use to see how effective our campaigns have been as a whole?

Honored Contributor

Hi @RachelM775 


At this time we don't have an option to export reports for multiple campaigns. But that is a great feature request. Please post it here.


As a workaround, you would have to export the reports for each individual campaign and then compare them manually.


Thanks for your feedback!