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Feedback Templates- Survey


Have you tried using a survey to get feedback and advice from your customers, attendees or colleagues? Constant Contact provides you an easy-to-use survey tool that allows you to create custom questions, templates and designs.  


Once you have chosen to create a survey you will have the option of choosing to start with a customizable template with sample questions or you can start with a blank survey. If you choose to start with a template you will be able to choose the category that best fits your situation. Here are some examples.


Jacks BBQ is surveying the customers who have recently come into their restaurants to find out how satisfied they have been. They are looking to make some changes in 2015 and need the feedback to see what’s working. They choose to use the Restaurant Pack > Customer Satisfaction survey. This survey includes questions like “Which location have you visited?” and “How long have you been dining with us?” as well as rank questions about important restaurant attributes.


This is a very different survey than the type of survey Ron’s Home Repair Company would send out. They want to hear about the customers experience with the employee sent to their house. They decided to use the Incident Follow Up > Support Follow-up template. This template asks for a rank of attributes, how the issue was resolved and overall problem solving techniques.


We know the templates and pre-set questions won’t work for every industry so you can pick the closest template and then add or remove questions, change the answer type, reorder questions and more. You can also control Skip Logic, and font formatting.


Check out all the available templates today to find one that works for you!





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