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Occasional Advisor

Did you know that Constant Contact makes it easy for you to reach out to your audience and have them review your company/organization on online listings sites, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Angie’s List?  Why would you want to do this with your business? To make sure you know how customers are viewing your business! Find out what they like or dislike about the business and make changes as a result of the feedback.Here's an example:


Jack’s Backyard BBQ introduced a new garlic bread. They found it more cost effective to cut the bread thinner and only put the butter and garlic mixture on one side. Customers immediately began leaving feedback that the old bread was better and was their favorite part of the restaurant. Billy, the owner read the recent reviews and realized going back to the old version of garlic bread would make his customers happy and bring the store more business. Jack’s Backyard BBQ now offers a choice of garlic breads with all meals.


There are 2 different ways to accomplish this using Constant Contact: (Please note that if you are a basic customer, you would need to purchase a plus campaign, or upgrade your account to either essential or ultimate.)

  •          Feedback Request - For straightforward feedback that doesn’t need to be organized into a detailed report. This type of feedback request is easy to create. (I.E.--> Did you enjoy your stay at our hotel?)
  •          Ratings and Review - Ask your contacts to rate your business or organization on sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor with a professional-looking request. The more reviews you get, the more new customers will discover your business. (I.E.--> On a scale of 1 to 10 {10 being the highest}, please rate your experience staying at our hotel.)


Here’s how:

  1. Click on “Create” in the top right hand corner.
    Create Button in TK.png
    After clicking create an overlay will appear. It will look like one of the following:
  2. Click on either “Create a Survey”, or “Feedback & Surveys” (depending on which screen you see). *Note: Think of it as you are surveying your customers to get their opinions, but not creating an actual survey through Constant Contact.*

  3. If you clicked on “Create a Survey” you will see the following: (click Create)
    FeedbackReview Emails.png
    a. If you clicked on “Feedback & Surveys”, you will see the following: (highlight “Feedback/Reviews” Email and click “create”)
    FeedbackReview Email Options.png
  4. Next, you want to select a type of template. (Feedback, Feedback Basic, Multi-Image Review, Simple Review). You can either select or preview each one, or click “View all Templates” to see all of Constant Contact’s available templates.

  5. Finally, create your Feedback/Reviews Email. *You can link to Yelp by clicking on “Social” on the left side (once in edit mode for a block), and selecting “Find on Yelp”* (You can also link to Trip Advisor or Angie’s List via the “Insert” menu.)
    Yelp Link.png

    Have any questions?


I started with Constant Contact back in October of 2006, have wore many different hats with the company, gaining knowledge in a variety of Constant Contact departments.