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Format a File for Import

CTCT Employee

So you want to import an excel file of contacts, do ya? Well I have some great hints and tips on how to format your excel, CSV, or text file for import.


One of the big things that you want to keep in mind when importing a file is what information do you need on your contacts in Constant Contact? The big three that most people will have is First Name, Last Name and Email Address. If you plan on using Constant Contact as your Contact management system, that’s great! However, try to keep your file clean, ordered and labeled.


Step 1 – Make sure your excel columns have headers



By having column headers, when you go to import your file you will have less work identifying which columns are which and what information you want to take into Constant Contact.


Step 2 – Make sure you don’t have excessive amounts of empty columns.


By having a lot of empty columns like this you are also making extra work for yourself. By having many empty columns like this you are also making your excel sheet larger than it needs to be in terms of file size. We don’t allow files larger than 1MB so keep that in mind if you have empty columns.


Step 3 – Be sure you don’t have any filters or multiple sheets on your file

Corrected Image.png

By having filters set up, you might be importing contacts that you didn’t mean to import in the first place. By avoiding filters completely you can be sure you are importing only the contacts you need. Also, avoid having multiple sheets. Constant Contact will only pick the very first sheet when you import the file so keep that in mind.


By keeping these three easy steps in mind when creating your excel sheet, you can ensure your imports are formatted correctly and neatly.


Still struggling? Check out this step by step FAQ.


Take it to the next level and import your file!


Hi everyone. My name is Melissa and I started working at Constant Contact in 2012. I am currently interning with the Community and Social Support team. I am all about going out of my way for customers and I hope that I can pass some of my knowledge about Constant Contact to you. :)