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Free Webinars June 11th-15th

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Live Webinars


Tuesday, June 12th


Getting Started with Social Campaigns 2pm

In Getting Started with Social Campaigns, you are invited to sit back and watch the Constant Contact Social Campaigns product in action!  You’ll learn

  • How Social Campaigns can help your organization
  • The mechanics of a good Social Campaign
  • How to create and promote your campaign
  • How to measure success



Building Better Lists 4pm

Learn the best practices for building and maintaining your lists through harnessing the power social networks, mobile technology, Join My Mailing List campaigns, and word of mouth from your loyal readership.


Wednesday, June 13th

Getting Started with SaveLocal 4pm

In Getting Started with SaveLocal we'll introduce you to the SaveLocal product and learn:

  • Why doing a deal with SaveLocal means greater success for your business
  • How to avoid common mistakes that lead to bad deals, and tips to create the perfect deal
  • What to consider before you run your deal: What are the best deals to run, how to set realistic goals and how to prepare your business and staff for all the new traffic!
  • The ideal customers to promote to and the key messages to entice purchases
  • How to properly track redemption, measure your deal's success, and how to follow up (with email and social campaigns) to encourage repeat business



Thursday, June 14th

The Event Management Success Formula Planning and Promotion 2pm

Master the formula to get the most out of your event management. Walk away with specific tips to plan smooth and successful events that capture your attendees’ interest and make them a huge referral engine for your next event.


Subject Line Design  4:00pm

Learn how to create an effective subject line that will set you apart and increase your open rates.




Can't attend a live Seminar, check out many of our Recorded Webinars.


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