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Free Webinars October 8th - October 12th

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Tuesday, October 9th


Event Prep Planning & Promoting for Success 11:00am


You do events, but can you do better? Learn the techniques to successfully plan and promote an event for your organization. Master the formula to get the most out of your event marketing. Walk away with specific tips to plan smooth and successful events that capture your attendees' interest and make them a huge referral engine for your events.


  • Plan your event’s goals with clear measures in mind
  • Generate event awareness and create buzz
  • Drive registrations and increase engagement
  • Maximize attendance and build relationships


Getting Started with Social Campaigns 2:00pm


In Getting Started with Social Campaigns, you are invited to sit back and watch the Constant Contact Social Campaigns product in action!  You’ll learn

  • How Social Campaigns can help your organization
  • The mechanics of a good Social Campaign
  • How to create and promote your campaign
  • How to measure success


Wednesday, October 10th


EventSpot Live Tour 11:00am


Get your event up and running in just 45 minutes!


  • Set up your event homepage
  • Create your event registration page
  • Design and distribute your email invitation
  • Use Constant Contact reports to gain useful information about your audience


Subject Line Design  2:00pm


Learn how to create an effective subject line that will set you apart and increase your open rates.



Thursday, October 11th


Email Marketing: Getting To Send 11:00am


If you’re just getting started with email marketing, this is the webinar for you!  In under an hour, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating and sending of an email newsletter while focusing on best practices and tools you can use.  Learn about:

•     Selecting the right template

•     The importance of colors and branding

•     How to create great content and subject lines

•     Adding images, video, and social media

•     When to send and who to send to



Event Day Managing the Details & Keeping Guests Engaged 2:00pm


It’s the day of your event, are you ready? We’ll explain the steps you can take before your event to make sure the day-of runs smoothly.  We’ll provide tips and tricks so you can easily generate excitement and engagement that builds lasting relationships. 


  • Streamline the registration and check-in process
  • Integrate social media activity to spread word or mouth and keep people engaged
  • Easily grow your list and generate feedback



 Can't attend a live Seminar, check out many of our Recorded Webinars.


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