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Free Webinars for Successful Email Marketing

CTCT Employee

Getting started with Email Marketing is easy, and soon you'll be seeing real results with guidance from our Customer Success team. We partnered with our training team and have created a few FREE webinars to help you get started. Topics range from learning the benefits of email marketing, what to say to your contacts, how to create an effective email campaign and grow your contact list, to ways to improve your email marketing results. Pick one (or a few) you are interested in, find a time that works for you, and register today! At the end of the webinar get your questions answered by our Marketing Expert in our live group Q&A session, and learn from questions submitted by previous attendees that you may not have thought to ask!


Practical Uses for Email Automation

Automated emails not only allow you to save time, but they also allow you to build stronger relationships by sending timely, relevant emails to your subscribers. We’ll provide a simple formula and use case examples to help you create automated emails that get results for your business.

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Quick, Simple Tricks to Improve your Email Marketing Results

How do you ensure your emails get results for your business or organization? It’s not enough to just send an email and hope they open it. Join us for this free one-hour webinar to learn 8 quick tricks to improve your email marketing results, and what kind of results to expect when sending an email campaign.
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Create and Send Your First Email Campaign in 15 Minutes or Less

Not sure how to get started with your first email campaign? In this one-hour webinar we will take you step-by-step through creating and using an email template to save you time, and how to include seven essential design elements to drive action.
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Why Email is the #1 Marketing tool for Small Business

Attend this webinar to learn why Email Marketing is the top tool Small Businesses and Nonprofits are using to get more business. We will discuss setting goals for your email campaigns to help you achieve the most from your marketing campaigns.

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Turn Prospects into Customers with Sign Up Tools

There are sign-up tools included in your account to help you gain new subscribers and potential customers in all of your touch points.   We will discuss the tools available in your account, where to implement them, and how to entice subscribers to sign-up. 

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Beat Writer’s Block – Great Ideas for your Next Email

Attend this webinar if you are struggling with what to say or need new content ideas. We will share some great ideas for what to include in your next email campaign by using real email campaigns from some of our most successful customers.

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Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy by Integrating Social Media

Do you use social media for your business or organization? If so, why not integrate it with your email marketing strategy? In this webinar, we will show you the social media tools that you can use alongside your email marketing efforts.

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* Meet our team of presenters and view our recommended schedule to get the most out these webinars.



[Updated 1/10/19]


This account is for the Customer Success team here at Constant Contact and is monitored by a few of our webinar presenters. Our team is dedicated to the success of small businesses and organizations and has the knowledge needed to help you be more successful with your email marketing.


good one

CTCT Employee

Hello @john_victim!  Thank you for your comment and interest in our free getting started webinars, we look forward to seeing you at a session soon!