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Getting Started with Trackable Coupons & Local Deals

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*As of March 17, 2016, the Local Deals campaign type that is no longer offered by Constant Contact. We recommend using a coupon campaign if you are looking for something similar.  This thread is marked as read-only, and content is saved for education. 


You know what is great at any time of the year? Extra business into your store! By running a promotion, you are almost guaranteed to get additional business. With our Trackable Coupons & Local Deals, you cannot only run a promotion that will get more people into your business, but you also can control every detail.  Now I know you’re saying that you always control your sales, well someone in your business does. But what you can do with our Promotional Coupons is that you can control how much you want to discount, when the dates and times that this sale is eligible and when they can be redeemed.


The 2 Promotions that you can run within your Toolkit account are Trackable Coupon and Local Deal.


TK Promotions Trackable Coupon & Local Deal.png


With our Trackable Coupon you can give a offer a discount to your customers. You can set up the discounted amount, how many vouchers are available, how many per person can claim, and how long they can be redeemed. You also have control over any and all fine print as well as the complete text for your offer. And in 4 easy steps you can get these coupons (offers) out the door to your customer’s inboxes and shared on your Social Media accounts for more visibility.


With Local Deal you can create a deal such as “For $25 get $40 worth of clothing and accessories”. And just like above, you have full control over every detail – the deal, the amount of vouchers available, how many a customer can buy, and when they can redeem.


The difference between a Trackable Coupon and a Local Deal is that the Local Deal takes money up front from the buyer. In order to get the “For $25 get $40 worth of clothing and accessories” the customer has to spend the $25 up front and then come to your location to obtain the $40 worth of clothing and accessories. With the Trackable Coupon the customer simply comes into the store to redeem.  And then the discount occurs.


So now that you know a little bit about our Trackable Coupons and Local Deals are you ready to get started? It’s very easy! Follow along below!


  • Log into your account
  • Click on the big gold Create button on the right
  • Choose Run a Promotion
  • Then choose which one you want: Trackable Coupon or Local Deal
  • Change the name from Campaign Date Time
  • Then follow the 4 steps to complete your Promotion

And it’s that easy! Any questions let us know!