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Help, I can't upload my image!


We know it’s frustrating to get an error when you are trying to upload an image from your computer to your Constant Contact library. We’ve compiled a list of common problems with images that would prevent them from uploading to help determine how to fix it!

Tk Library.png


Example Error Messages:

  • "An unexpected error occurred while uploading your image, please try again later"
  • "Your image contains an unknown image file encoding. The file encoding type is not recognized, please use a different image"
  • "Sorry, we could not upload this file. Try saving it in a different format and upload again"


Causes of Errors:

  • Has a file name that is longer than 80 characters (including the extension)
  • Has layers
  • Contains corrupted data
  • Contains copyright information
  • Is a jpeg with a transparent background
  • Is larger than 350KB or 600px wide
  • Is a GIF and is wider than 800px
  • Is CMYK instead of RGB mode


Here’s some ways to fix these problems:

1. Open the image in an image editing program on your computer. (Microsoft Paint will work for this!)
2. Check the image size to make sure it’s less than 600px wide
3. Resave your image as a JPEG, GIF or PNG file
4, Try uploading again.




1. Open the image on your computer.
2. Save as a BMP file.
Note: BMP files can’t be uploaded directly to Constant Contact so don’t upload quite yet!
3. Open the BMP file in an image editing program on your computer.
4. Resave the file as a JPEG, PNG or GIF file.
5. Upload the file to Constant Contact.


If you are still getting an error please contact Constant Contact Support and we’re happy to help!


Does your account look a little different than the image above? Check out these directions in the Standalone Product forum.




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