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How Are My Opens Tracked in My Email Campaign?

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One of my favorite features in the Reports is Opens. Whenever I send a campaign out, I am always going straight to the Reports and clicking that refresh icon to see who has opened my campaign. While it can take up to 1 hour for the opens to come through, I can’t help but click refresh the second that confirmation that my campaign was sent hits my inbox. I know many of our customers feel the same way. I see their tweets on Twitter stating how they continuously also click the refresh icon. Some even wonder, “how are the opens tracked?”. Read on to find out!


When you send an email campaign out to your contact list, we insert a very tiny image into the top of your campaign. As long as your contacts have images downloading automatically turned on within their email inbox, we’re going to track every time that image is downloaded. If your contacts do not have downloading images turned on and don’t click the link in their inbox to download the images, we will track if your contact clicks a link within your email. That link does have to begin with http:// if it begins with https:// we won’t track that. Also, please note that if you send out an email that is in XHMTL and do not include the tag <OpenTracking/> your opens will not be recorded.  


So that’s it! We automatically insert a tiny image and that tracks your opens! Log into your account now and see how many of your contacts have opened your email campaigns today!


If you have any questions, let us know!



Opens are only a fraction of the picture.  I simply can not figure out why Constant Contact doesnt have a sort for multiple opens.  I have to cut and past all opens to a spreadsheet and then sort to bundle all multiple opens, or I have to click on an individual contact to see how many times they have opened.  With several hundred opens, that is tedious.  The real intested people will open my emails 10 to 20 times or more.  That information is powerful.  


HI @shawne

Have you tried viewing "All Opens" and exporting from here? This will show you the contacts who opened more than once by listing the opens individually. When you view your report make sure you change the Display to "All Opens" so you see each individual open.


Here's an example: (Please note, I've blurred some information for privacy)






I have checked my open report and I have lots of opens that show an open time many hours before my actual sent time. The campaign was sent at 3:45 pm but the open report show over 80 opens between 10 and 11 am the same day and over 60 opens from 11am - noon. At first I though maybe it was partially due to the time zones. The message was sent from the East Coast. But many who are showing an early open time are also on the east coast. What is the open time based on?

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Hello @CherylC774


The open time is based off of EDT, which happens to be the time zone set in your account currently. You can also check this by looking at the top of the Opens Table to see the time zone displayed next to Date/Time



I took a look at the last 2 emails sent and saw that the first opens line up with the time that the email was sent.  There were some emails that were opened at 10 & 11 pm that night, but I am not see 10 & 11 am before the email was sent.  If you are still seeing this, can you take a screenshot please and send it to us.  If you feel more comfortable sending the image to us privately you can send an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, your username, and any details that you may have.