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How Can I Sort My Campaigns?

Honored Contributor

Did you know that when you are within your Campaigns that you can sort how they are shown to you? You know that you have the ability to view them based on status (Draft, Scheduled, Sent). You can also sort by Campaign type (Newsletters & Announcements, Facebook Fan Promotions, etc). To learn the other way you can sort using the DropDown menu, read on!


  • Log into your account
  • Click on Campaigns


  • To the top right of your list of Campaigns you will see a Sort menu:


  • By clicking on the arrow, you will receive the following options:


  • Select the option you want to sort your campaigns by

Please note: This will change all of your categories to this sorting. There isn’t a way at this time to sort actives from A-Z, while Drafts are under Last Modified, for example. If this is something that you’d like to see, jump over to  Vote for this Idea!


And that is how easy it is to sort your campaigns using the drop down menu.


Any questions, let us know!