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How Do I Add an Em-Dash to My Campaign?

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UPDATED APRIL 2018: This article refers to a feature only available in our second-generation editor (also known as the Legacy Editor). It is not currently available in the third-generation editor. 


One request that we often receive is “How do I create an em-dash in my email?”. This is really easy to do but you need to have the code to do it. I’m going to show you how you can, using the html code view within your campaign’s bock, how to do this.


  • Go to Campaigns
  • Click to Edit your Campaign or Create a New Campaign
  • Click to edit the block where you want to put the em-dash
  • Click the HTML button in the edit toolbar

    Campaigns HTML button.png

  • This will open a new window called Code View
  • Search in here for your word that you want to add the emdash to
  • Paste in this code:

    <span style="letter-spacing: -3px;"> --- </span>

  • Click Update at the bottom of the Code View window
  • Make sure everything looks great
  • Click Save to save your changes in your block


And that’s it! Super easy to add an em-dash. Log into your account now to add your em-dashes to your campaigns! If you have any questions let us know.


UPDATE: This feature is only available in our Second Generation Editor (2GE) and might not be available in all accounts. 



CTCT Employee

Hello @AlexW07, @EmilyB1,


Thank you both for providing your feedback here. We truly value this and understand how important this is to some of our customers. I urge you to vote on your posts here and feel free to vote on the current thread for this in our Feedback Section. This does often help features and functionalities get added to the product. I will be to sure to advocate for you and work to promote this idea across the product team here, in recommending this as a more efficient feature in the future.


Occasional Participant

Shouldn't require a referendum, should it? Still, I vote "YES" for the em-dash, and all English language punctuation. 

This fix didn't work for me either. I know HTML, but when updating the HTML directly in Constant Contact, the common HTML codes for an m-dash simply revert back to a hyphen. Why won't the normal code work?

Hello @AlisonL83. I did adjust the letter spacing a bit by changing it to -1px and was able to make it look more like an em-dash. However, there are some email clients that might not read the letter spacing correctly so I would suggest to use two dashes to make sure it displays the same across all email clients. I encourage you to also voice your feedback in our Feedback forum

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I want a space before and after the mash but it doesn't display properly, why?
CTCT Employee

 Hi @DonnaL359.

Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. My name is Adrienne and it's my pleasure to assist you today.


That's a great question. Because the line spacing has been reduced to produce the em-dash, you will have to use several spaces for it to appear similar to one standard space. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out here. We are always happy to help.

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Dear Constant Contact:

Please note that this is not an acceptable solution. As we've pointed out before, it is not easy (takes about 50 keystrokes) and it does not work (displays incorrectly depending upon font, template, device). An em-dash is an essential punctuation mark in English. Other programs that rely on html are able to incorporate it. Why so hard?


Hello @EmilyB1. I can understand how being able to add an em-dash would be useful for your emails. We are still collecting feedback on being able to add certain special characters into campaigns and we thank you for yours. I encourage you to make your voice heard on our Feedback board

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We first posted about this two years ago. It is frustrating, to be honest. Especially frustrating to see CC staff continue to offer a solution which, according to feedback you've received from us and others, does not work.

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I don't have an html button - how do I workaround this now?