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How Do I Add an Em-Dash to My Campaign?

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UPDATED APRIL 2018: This article refers to a feature only available in our second-generation editor (also known as the Legacy Editor). It is not currently available in the third-generation editor. 


One request that we often receive is “How do I create an em-dash in my email?”. This is really easy to do but you need to have the code to do it. I’m going to show you how you can, using the html code view within your campaign’s bock, how to do this.


  • Go to Campaigns
  • Click to Edit your Campaign or Create a New Campaign
  • Click to edit the block where you want to put the em-dash
  • Click the HTML button in the edit toolbar

    Campaigns HTML button.png

  • This will open a new window called Code View
  • Search in here for your word that you want to add the emdash to
  • Paste in this code:

    <span style="letter-spacing: -3px;"> --- </span>

  • Click Update at the bottom of the Code View window
  • Make sure everything looks great
  • Click Save to save your changes in your block


And that’s it! Super easy to add an em-dash. Log into your account now to add your em-dashes to your campaigns! If you have any questions let us know.


UPDATE: This feature is only available in our Second Generation Editor (2GE) and might not be available in all accounts. 



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Very helpful.  Thank you.