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How Do I Add an Em-Dash to My Campaign?

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UPDATED APRIL 2018: This article refers to a feature only available in our second-generation editor (also known as the Legacy Editor). It is not currently available in the third-generation editor. 


One request that we often receive is “How do I create an em-dash in my email?”. This is really easy to do but you need to have the code to do it. I’m going to show you how you can, using the html code view within your campaign’s bock, how to do this.


  • Go to Campaigns
  • Click to Edit your Campaign or Create a New Campaign
  • Click to edit the block where you want to put the em-dash
  • Click the HTML button in the edit toolbar

    Campaigns HTML button.png

  • This will open a new window called Code View
  • Search in here for your word that you want to add the emdash to
  • Paste in this code:

    <span style="letter-spacing: -3px;"> --- </span>

  • Click Update at the bottom of the Code View window
  • Make sure everything looks great
  • Click Save to save your changes in your block


And that’s it! Super easy to add an em-dash. Log into your account now to add your em-dashes to your campaigns! If you have any questions let us know.


UPDATE: This feature is only available in our Second Generation Editor (2GE) and might not be available in all accounts. 



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Thanks for this solution. One note for consideration, it would be great if the text version editor would recognise that little piece of code and convert it back to a single dash for us so we don't have to manually change it back on that side.

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Good to know that there is a solution to this vexing problem. I would not call it "super easy" -- and it is imperfect, since it does not translate well for those receiving the text version. 

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It's really unfortunate we can't use &mdash; or &ndash; in our code, it makes the email look unprofessional when you can't use the proper gramatical dash! I'm made too because • ( &#8226; ) keeps changing to *, which is not what I want in my footer!!!


Hello @PeggyS21,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your feedback. I understand how useful it would be to streamline the process and that you want your e-mails to look professional. We are collecting feedback on this and other special characters to be integrated into the editor so I will make sure the appropriate product teams know. If you have any additional insight or recommendations for our product, please feel free to let us know in our Feedback Area as well.

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I tried this fix in my email and it didn't work. It kept reverting it back to a hyphen.

CTCT Employee

Hello @brendasue02,


I'm sorry it's not working. We definitely want to look into this for you and see what we can do to fix that. If you'd like us to take a look and do some testing, please email us at Social_Support(at)ConstantContact(dot)Com with your username, campaign name, and reference to this post. Feel free to also add any additional details you may have. We will be sure to correspond with you as we investigate.

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I had the same problem as BrendaSue.  Your fix does not work.

CTCT Employee

Hello @AlexW07


We can definitely take a look into this. Can you send us the campaign that this is happening in?  Feel free to send that information with your username and a reference to this post to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. We can then take a further look for you. 



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Samantha -


The campaign in question went out last week:


Note that we used double dashes instead of proper em-dashes.

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 While it must be noted that 50 keystrokes in order to enter a common punctuation mark cannot be considered a "really easy" solution, we did try this for some time. However, we found it does not work reliably. It displays differntly and incorrectly depending upon the font and the devise being used to view the message (if using a template that adjusts for screen size). Constant Contact really needs to fix this.