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How Do I Change the Language In My Account?

Honored Contributor

You’ve created your account in Constant Contact and while you are creating your first Campaign, you realize that everything is in English. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem except your readers don’t read in English. You can of course, type or paste directly into the blocks the language of your choice, but there are some areas outside what you can edit that are stuck in English. Not all languages are available at this time but you can make a request here for your language of preference. Read on to see how easy it is to change your language for your Campaigns.


  • Log into your account and click the My Account > My Settings dropdown on the top right

    My Settings Toolkit.jpg

  • Next, click on English in the right pane under the Other section

    Change Language.png

  • That will bring you to the next screen which will show you the languages we have available for you to select

    Language dropdown.png

    • Click the language you want to display and that will set that as your preferred language within your account.

And that is it! 4 steps to change your language to the non-editable text areas; the footer text, privacy policy in footer, sections of the Forward to a Friend form, and the buttons on the Join My Mailing list form.


Log into your account today and change your language to suit the needs of you and your contacts.


Does your account look or sound different than what is described above? If so, check out our Using Standalone Products Board.