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How Do I Edit My Signature Information

Honored Contributor

Having a signature in your communications is important because it shows ownership, branding, and sometimes you need to personalize it. You wouldn’t want to receive a letter without a signature and sometimes within your emails; a signature is a good thing to have.   Promotional emails may not need a signature, but if you’re sending out a press release or a newsletter, they should have one. With Constant Contact, this is easier than ever to add one. This signature will be added to all campaigns that have a Signature Block.  Not all campaigns will have this which is ok because you don’t necessarily need a signature in every campaign you send.


Let’s get started by following these simple instructions below.


  • Click on My Account > My Settings

    My Settings Toolkit.jpg

  • On the left, scroll down to Signature Information and click the hyperlink Edit Signature Info (edit signature info image)

    Edit Signature Info.jpg
  • On the next screen, you can fill out the following information:
    Signature Name
    Signature Email Address*
    Signature Image (upload via Image URL from outside CTCT or My Image Library within CTCT)

    • Then click Save

It's that easy!  Now all Signature blocks will have this information in them!


*If you want to use a different email address that is not listed in your drop down, cick the Verify more email addresses  to verify the one you want.


Any questions, let us know!



Where can we find the signature block? I've updated my signature information but I don't know how to make it appear in the e-mail itself.


Hello @RichGLSIC. It looks like you are using our newest editor called the third-generation editor to create your emails. A previous version of our editor had the ability to add in a signature block but our newest editor does not have this block available in it. I can understand how this type of block could be useful for you and I will submit feedback over to the appropriate team.