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How Do I Schedule The Email for My Trackable Coupon?

Honored Contributor

A Trackable Coupon is a great way for you to send deals to your contacts. This helps to promote loyalty and to get customers into your store, especially if business is slow. But how do you create and send the email to your contacts to get them your Trackable Coupon? Read on to find out how easy it really is.


While going through the steps to create your Trackable Coupon, steps 3 & 4 are where you would create and schedule your email. But let’s say that you didn’t set up your email to go out yet. Here’s how you can get to that screen from the My Campaigns page.


  • From the Home Screen, click on Campaigns on the left
  • Next, you can either click on the name of your Trackable Coupon or click Actions > Edit in the dropdown menu
  • Keep hitting next until you are on step 3. Here you will fill out your From Name, From Email Address, & select the List(s) you wish to send this Trackable Coupon to.
  • For step 4, you can review the Offer Summary & Offer Preview. Please send yourself a test to see how the email will look when you receive it in your email client.
  • When this is to your satisfaction, click Schedule on the top right.
  • You will receive an overlay where you can choose to Start Now or to Start Later. Also, choose how long you want your deal to last by using the slider for # of days. Then click Ok.

    Trackable Coupon Schedule Your Offer.png

    • You will next be brought to a Congratulations screen, where you can check out the Crystal Ball to find out how many people will redeem your coupon as well as many other options available to you below that.

      Congrats on Scheduling Your Trackable Coupon.png

And that’s it! That is how easy it is to get your Trackable Coupon Email scheduled out to your contacts to get those bodies in your store or on your website!


Any questions, let us know!