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How do I rename a file I already uploaded to my Library?

Honored Contributor

Sometimes you upload a file within your account and later you realize that that wasn’t what you wanted it to be named. It happens to all of us. In older systems, the functionality was not there to edit the name of the file. However, within your Constant Contact Library you do have this ability! Let’s get started!


  • First, you want to click on the Library icon on your side-menu on the left.

Library Side Menu.png


  • Now you have 2 options. You can either click on the current name of your File under the Basic Info header or you can click the little pencil library pencil icon.png icon. 



  • Both will give you an overlay and the first item on the right is called Name.


Library Edit Name.png

  • In that box, just simply delete and enter what you want it to say.


  • Then click that blue Save Toolkit Save.png button at the bottom right.                                                                                


Please note that you can edit the name for any of the files that you have uploaded to your Library.


And that’s it! 2 steps to rename a file already uploaded!


Any questions let us know!