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How do I restore my campaign after I deleted it?


Have you ever accidentally deleted the wrong campaign, or maybe you thought you didn't need it anymore but now you do?


Here is an easy way on how to get that campaign back!


  1.        Click on “Campaigns”, you will now see below "Campaign Type" a trashcan that says "Deleted"/
  2.        Click on the folder named “Deleted” to access all deleted campaigns.
  3.        You should now see the name of the campaign in the deleted folder with a link named “Restore”
  4.        Click on the “restore” link and you should get a confirmation message and now see the campaign listed along with the others.




***The only way a campaign is deleted is if a physical action is taken on it.  There is no chance your campaign will be deleted on its own!***



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Yesterday a customer service rep created new newsletter for me... It's gone now. I had two column and was created using my latest newsletter as a guide (I wanted the same thing created with two columns). Any way you can find it and restore? It's not in my drafts or deleted files. Thanks, Laurie
CTCT Employee

Hello @LaurieK590 , 


I took a look at your account and restored a campaign that has 2 columns within it.  At your earliest convenience please log in to your account and take a look at the draft edited on December 15th (the newsletter) to see if this is the correct email layout.  


If this is not the layout can you please let us know what kind of email you were looking to send and we can try to get one set up within your account.