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How to Add Back an Opted Out Contact

Honored Contributor

I know you have all been there. That person who is on your list contacts you and says “Hey, I haven’t been receiving email from you.” So you look them up in your Constant Contact account to find out that they are in your Unsubscribes list. They tell you that they never opted out, unsubscribed or marked you as spam. A contact can unsubscribe by clicking the SafeUnsubscribe link or image in the footer. They can also be unsubscribed if they mark the email as Spam within their email client. Now that you know how someone could be unsubscribed, let’s show you how to get them back on your list!


There are 3 ways someone can re-opt in:


  • Click the Update Preferences link in the footer of an email sent from you
  • Visit your website/Facebook page where you have a Join My Mailing List option
  • Send them the Sign-Up URL from within your Contacts section in your account

Once a contact enters their email address into any of the above options, they will be sent an Update Profile email to confirm that they do, in fact, want to receive emails from you and your organization.


And that is it! That’s how easy it is to get your unsubscribed contacts back on your list!