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How to Add a Border to My Campaign

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When creating a campaign within our product, some of our templates come with borders around them. Other times they do not. When that happens, don’t fret. I can show you how you can add a border around your campaign. You will just want to use the coding that I give you and follow my steps. It’s all very simple! So, let’s get started.


  • Open up your Campaign that you are working on.
  • When you can see the Campaignin Edit mode, click on Style Sheet


Campaign Style Sheet.png


  • Now, scroll down until you see the body tag and change it to look like the following:


border-bottom:10px solid #445555;
border-left:10px solid #445555;
border-right:10px solid #445555;
border-top:10px solid #445555;


  • Click the Gold Save button.
  • Then hit Preview to see your new border.
  • You can edit the width by adjusting the 10px and if you’d like to use a different color, you can enter that instead of the #445555.


And that’s it! That is as easy as it is to add a border to your campaign! So, what are you waiting for? Go log into your account and add a border now!


Does your account look or sound different from this? If so, check out our Using Standalone Products Email Marketing Board post!


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I do not see a " .BODY{ "  in my Style view      Can I add this myself?


Thank You,



Honored Contributor

Hello @DanS317


We do not recommend adding new styles to the Style Sheet, as it could cause the email to change it's overall design (either in preview or when sent).  What we can do though is take a look at a template within your account to find where you can add the border code, as there are a few places that it can be added to.  Can you let us know which email you want to add a border to and we can take a look for you please?  


If you do not wish to post this information in our public forums, you can send an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, the name of the email, and the username on the account. 



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I know this is an old post but I hope you reply or still work there!


How do I add an image border to an email? We want to brand our emails with a graphic frame around the email content. See attached file for example. Is it doable?

Honored Contributor

Hello @DaniellaS


You can achieve the border/template you are looking for by modifying one of our templates. Take a look at my response to your other post that has some more information.