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How to Control a Survey’s Anonymity

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Not everyone wants to collect personal information from their respondents when they send out a Survey. For example, every year here there is an Employee Engagement Survey. In order for our Human Resources department to receive truthful answers to the questions they ask, the survey is anonymous. Also, not everyone wants to share their personal information when they are answering a survey. If you don’t want or need personal information collected when using our Survey, we have the ability to make it anonymous for you.


When will responses be anonymous


Whenever respondents access your Survey via the Survey URL that we provide the responses are anonymous. Granted of course you do not include a required personal information question. The URL can be placed in or on the following:


  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Website
  • Web version of any campaign sent through Constant Contact (Having trouble viewing this page URL)
  • Emails sent outside of Constant Contact
  • Shortened URL inserted into a Constant Contact email
  • Automated email in Autoresponder

How do I find the Survey URL


Once you have published your survey, you want to go to the header Distribute and Track

Under Distribute Your Survey Link > Add it to a webpage


Survey URL.jpg


*Note: If you use Simple Share, that is anonymous as well because that falls under Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn above.

If you are using an email sent within Constant Contact and you want to force the responses to be anonymous anyway, you can follow these instructions:


  • Grab the URL for your Survey
  • Go to
  • Paste the Survey URL into tinyurl and get the new URL from them
  • Insert that URL into your emails


Please note that if you send a reminder to those that haven’t responded to the Survey, those that did take the survey with the tinyurl will receive this email as well since there is no way of tracking who did or did not take it.


And that’s it! If you have any questions let us know!


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Hi Marissa, 


We used a survey invite to send a survey but still had some responses come back as "anonymous" rather than the email address we sent the invite to from our list. 


Without the ability to identify their email, we cannot contact them to follow up about their survey response! Is there any way to email all respondents to a survey (even if they answered anonymously)?


Thank you

CTCT Employee

Hello @Johnny_S,


Since there isn't a  way for the system to know who took the survey if they took it anonymously, sending an email to respondents wouldn't pick up those anonymous people. However, you could send the email out to everyone that you sent the survey you, if you'd like! 


If you have any additional questions about that, please don't hesitate to reach out.