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How to Customize the Facebook App Tab

Honored Contributor

If you’ve added our Facebook Join My Mailing List App to your Facebook Business Page, you can customize it to look how you want. This is only a few steps to accomplish. Check them out below!


Log in as your Business Page


Click the drop down under More > Manage Tabs


Click on Add or Remove Tabs


Click Edit Settings under the Constant Contact app


JMML Edit Settings.jpg


Add the Tab if Available


On the overlay that displays, you can click the Change next to the Custom Tab Image or you can add a name for your Custom Tab Name in the blank spot > Click Save and then click OK


If you’d like to rearrange the position of the tabs, when you click on More > Manage Tabs, you can then drag the app to the position you want.


JMML drag.jpg


To remove the app, click on Add or Remove Tabs.


Click Edit Settings


Then click on the remove link to the right of Tab


jmml remove app.jpg



And that’s it!  Now get to customizing your app so that it truly reflects you and your brand!


Any questions let us know!



I called today to get help on changing the wording on the Facebook App and was told that it could not be done because it was not controlled by CC and it was a "Facebook" thing.  I'm glad I scrolled down to read this and was able to customize the wording.  I usually get connected to people who have been very helpful whenever I've called in, but obviously some of your staff needs more training.



Hi CharleneY0

I am sorry for the frustrations, thanks for following up. I'll take a look at your previous case for a potential coaching opportunity.


Glad to hear you found the solution here! We've got tons of information, take a look around!