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How to Delete Files

CTCT Employee

Have you uploaded an image that you decided you did not want to use in your Campaign, or needed to upload a new document with some edits and want to delete the original?  Here’s how you can do that: 

  1.        After Logging into your account click Library down the left hand side

  2.        When viewing the files in your library to the left of each file there is a box you can click on to select a file.  Click on this for each file you wish to delete. 

  3.        In the dark gray bar at the top, click the Delete button

  4.        Your files are now moved to the Trash.
  5.        If you accidentally deleted a file that you need, you can click on “Trash (#)” on the left.  From here you can select files and choose to Restore if you need them back in your account to add to a Campaign
    Please Note: 
    Files in the trash for more than 30 days are automatically deleted from the account, and cannot be restored. 

If you delete an image or document that is within a sent campaign, the image will show as a deleted image because it is no longer hosted online, while a document link will return an error that it is no longer available.  


And that's it... in just a few easy steps you can clean up the library in your Constant Contact account!


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.