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How to Delete a Verified Email Address

Honored Contributor

What if the person who handles your emails for Constant Contact has left your company? Maybe this person just got promoted. Either way, you know that you need to remove them from your Verified Emails within your account. Now, it’s just figuring out how exactly you do that.


Well, it’s super easy and I’m going to show you how!


First you want to go to the My Account drop down and choose My Settings.


From here, you want to then select the “Verify Address” option at the top of the page.


Now all you have to do is find the check box next to the email address you want to delete, select it and hit “Delete”.


It’s that easy!


Please note that if you have a C or a B next to an email address, that email address is being used as the main Contact on the account and/or the Billing Contact. So those will not be able to be removed until new email addresses are selected for those roles.


If you have any questions, let us know!